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Lever Switches

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Lever Switches at ABC-RC store

Our offer includes rocker switches with different number of items and technical parameters. They are designed for use in various types of RC equipment. We offer models with different types of mounting, including panel mounting or through-hole mounting. All switches are made of materials with high resistance to mechanical damage and temperature. Lever switches available in the ABC-RC store are compatible with most RC devices available on the market.

Lever Switches at ABC-RC store

In our online store ABC-RC we offer a wide range of lever switches, which are an essential part of many RC devices. These are highly specialized components that feature different technical parameters, depending on the model and application.

Division of Lever Switches

We can divide the lever switches due to many criteria. First of all, you should pay attention to the number of positions - we offer single, double or multi-position switches. They differ in the number of states they can assume. Another criterion is the mounting method - we offer panel-mounted models, as well as through-hole models.

Application of Lever Switches

Lever switches, also known as bat switches, are commonly used in many types of RC equipment. With their simple yet reliable design, they guarantee trouble-free operation for a long time. They can be found in all sorts of remote-controlled models, from cars to boats to drones.

How to Select Lever Switches?

Choosing the right rocker switch depends primarily on the type of device to which it is to be applied. Such parameters as the number of items, type of mounting, and physical dimensions are important. All this information is available in the technical specifications of each of our products.

Advantages of Using Lever Switches

Lever switches are extremely practical and reliable. They are easy to install and require no specialized knowledge to operate. Thanks to their robust construction, they are resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. What's more, lever switches available in the ABC-RC store are compatible with most RC devices available on the market.

Technical Construction of Lever Switches

The basic element of any lever switch is a lever that allows switching between different states. Depending on the model, it can take from two to a dozen different positions. The interior of the switch contains a set of contacts that change their position depending on the position of the lever. This simple but effective design guarantees reliable performance for many years.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer lever switches. We are confident that every customer, even the most demanding, will find with us a product that meets their expectations.