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Drone Engines

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Drone Engines at ABC-RC store

In our assortment you will find the drone motors necessary for the construction or repair of RC models. We offer different types of electric motors, both classic brush versions and modern brushless motors. In addition, the ABC-RC store also offers hubs, CW and CCW nuts and small parts like axles and plugs.

Variety of motors for drones

We have engines of different sizes and weights, dedicated to racing models and professional devices capable of long-lasting flight. In our offer you will also find engines for RC aircraft.

Drone Engines: Basic Information

Drone motors are a key component of any RC model. Without a properly sized engine, the drone will not be able to fly properly, and in the worst case, it may even be damaged. At the ABC-RC online store, we offer a wide selection of drone engines to meet the needs of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Types of motors for drones

There are two main types of motors used in drones: brush motors i brushless motors. Brush motors are cheaper, but have a shorter lifespan and are less efficient. Brushless motors, on the other hand, while more expensive, offer better performance and longer run time. In our offer you will find both types of motors, available in different sizes and power variants.

How to choose the right engine for your drone?

Choosing the right engine for your drone depends on several factors. First of all, you need to consider the type and size of the drone, its purpose (for example, racing drones require more powerful engines), as well as the budget. At the ABC-RC store we offer professional consulting in terms of selecting the right engine for your drone.

Advantages of using the right engines for drones

Using properly sized drone engines has many advantages. Above all, it allows you to optimize performance drone, which translates into longer flight time and better control of the device. In addition, the right engine for the drone guarantees its safe operation and long service life.

Technical construction of drone engines

Regardless of the type, each drone motor consists of several basic components, such as the rotor, stator, magnets, coils and bearings. Brushless motors additionally have ESC controllers that control the speed of the motor. Also available in our store are various types of accessories for engines, such as hubs, CW and CCW nuts, and small parts like axles and plugs.

Other products related to drone motors

In addition to drone engines, you'll also find in our offerings engines for RC aircraft, as well as many other products related to RC modeling. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!