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Robot Kits

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Robot building kits at ABC-RC store

ABC-RC offers kits for building robots, ideal for children and electronics beginners. These sets allow you to create your first projects, as well as learn and observe the operation of components such as servos or DC motors. A great option for those interested in technology and electronics.

Robot building kits at ABC-RC store

The ABC-RC store offers a wide range of kits for building robots, which are an excellent choice for young scientists, budding electronics engineers and all technology enthusiasts. Our robot kits are comprehensive packages that include everything you need to create your first robotics projects.

Application of robot building kits

Robot building kits are ideal for learning and experimenting at home, at school or in workshops. Enable understanding of the basic principles of electronics, programming, as well as mechanics. With them, you can observe the operation of various components such as servos, DC motors, sensors or communication modules.

Division of robot building kits

We offer different types of kits for building robots. One can distinguish beginner kits, which are simple to assemble and program, and advanced kits, which allow the creation of complex structures and programs. We also offer educational kits, which are in line with the school curriculum and allow for learning through play.

How to choose kits to build robots?

When choosing a robot building kit, it is worth considering the user's age, skills and interests. For the youngest, we recommend kits with simple instructions and large pieces that are easy to assemble. For older children and adults, we recommend sets with more elements and more advanced features.

Advantages of robot building kits

Robot building kits are not only great fun, but also educational. They allow to develop manual skills, logical thinking, as well as creativity. They teach patience, precision and consistency. Through them, you can understand how various electronic and mechanical devices work, as well as learn programming.

Technical construction of robot building kits

Each robot building kit consists of various components such as motors, servos, sensors, communication modules, control boards, mechanical components and software. All of these elements are compatible with each other and allow the creation of various structures. All our kits are safe and meet all safety standards.

Take a look at our offer and choose the perfect robot building kit. We are confident that everyone, regardless of age and ability, will find something for themselves with us.