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Robotics - Building Robots

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Robotics - Building Robots

We are engaged in supplying the necessary components for construction of Arduino mobile robots. Our product range includes mechanical and electronic parts that form the basis of intelligent robots. We have a wide range of products that allow us to implement a variety of projects in the field of robotics. You'll find everything you need to creating and programming robots.

Robotics - Building Robots

Nowadays, technology is moving forward in great strides. One of the most fascinating areas is robotics, especially construction of robots. In our online store ABC-RC we offer a wide range of products that will help you realize your dreams of creating your own robot.

Components for building robots

Our offer includes everything you need to creating Arduino mobile robots. You will find a variety of mechanical and electronic parts, which are the basis for any robot. We offer motors, sensors, modules, controllers, as well as various accessories necessary in the process of building robots.

Application of robots

Robotics is used in many areas of life. Robots are used in industry, medicine, education, and even in the arts. With our products, you can create a robot to learn, play, or help with daily activities. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Product breakdown

Our products can be divided into several categories. Mechanical parts include frames, wheels, engines, as well as various types of mechanisms. Electronic parts are primarily sensors, controllers, communication and power modules. We also offer accessories, such as wires, connectors, or tools necessary for assembling and programming robots.

Component selection

Choosing the right components is crucial to creation and programming of robots. It all depends on what tasks you want your robot to perform. If you want to create a mobile robot, you need motors and wheels. If the robot is to respond to the environment, you will need sensors. Controllers and communication modules are required to control the robot. In our store you will find everything you need.

Advantages of building robots

Robotics is not only a fascinating hobby, but also a science that develops many skills. Building robots teaches logical thinking, creativity, as well as the basics of electronics and programming. It is also an excellent way to learn through play, especially for children and teenagers.

Technical construction of robots

The basis of any robot is its mechanical and electronic design. The mechanical structure is all that we see on the outside - frame, wheels, motors. Electronic design is the "brain" of the robot - controllers, sensors, modules. They allow the robot to move, react to its surroundings and even make independent decisions.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We guarantee that you will find everything you need to build your robot with us. ABC-RC - your partner in the world of robotics!