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Slide Switch

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Slide switches in the ABC-RC store

ABC-RC offers a wide range of slide switches. These components are necessary to control various RC devices. Our slide switches are characterized by high precision operation and reliability. You'll find models for different types of RC equipment with us. All products are solidly made and guarantee a long service life. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Slide switches - essential controls in RC equipment

In the ABC-RC online store you will find an extensive range of slide switches, which are inherent controls in RC equipment. Our slide switches are a guarantee of precision, reliability and long service life. The range includes models dedicated to various types of RC equipment, including drones, cars or remote-controlled boats.

Division of slide switches

Slide switches, also known as slide switches whether float switches, are divided into several types. We distinguish primarily between single-pole switches (SPDT) and double-pole switches (DPDT). The former allows switching of one circuit, while the latter allows switching of two circuits simultaneously. In addition, slide switches can vary in the number of positions - from two to as many as a dozen.

How to select slide switches?

When selecting slide switch pay attention to several important parameters. First of all, it is crucial to match the switch to the type of RC device it is to work with. It is also important to understand what functions the switch is supposed to perform. Some models are designed to control speed, others for direction of travel or flight, and still others for controlling additional functions of the device.

Advantages of using slide switches

Slide switches have many advantages. First of all, they are extremely precise, allowing you to accurately control the RC device. In addition, they are reliable and resistant to damage, which translates into a long service life. Thanks to their robust construction, they are also resistant to various external conditions, such as moisture and dust.

Technical construction of slide switches

The basic components slide switch are body, slider, contacts and spring. The body is usually made of plastic, while the contacts are made of metal. The slider, which is a movable element, slides over the contacts, thus enabling the switching of circuits. The spring, on the other hand, ensures that the slider returns to its initial position when pressure is released.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer slide switches. We are confident that you will find with us a model perfectly suited to your needs.