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PWM generators

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PWM controllers

The category contains various models of PWM controllers, essential for electronic projects. On offer pWM signal generators and digital speed controllers.

PWM signal generators

These are PWM signal generating devices used in a variety of applications, from motor control to switching power supplies.

Digital speed controllers

Allow for precise control of motor speed. Ideal for modeling enthusiasts.

PWM generators - the key to precise control of electronics

In the ABC-RC online store you will find a wide selection of pWM generators (Pulse Width Modulation), essential for many electronic projects. They are used in a variety of applications, from motor control to switching power supplies to precision speed controllers.

Application of PWM generators

PWM generators, or pulse width modulators, generate a signal with a variable pulse width. As a result, they allow precise control of motor speed, light intensity, or temperature. They are irreplaceable in modeling, robotics, but also in industry.

Types of PWM generators

In the offer of ABC-RC store you will find many models of PWM controllers, including pWM signal generators and digital speed controllers. They differ from each other control range, maximum load current or supply voltage.

How to select PWM generators?

When choosing a PWM generator, it is worth paying attention to several parameters. First of all, it is worth checking what the range of adjustment is - the wider it is, the greater the precision of control. Secondly, the maximum voltage and current of the load are also important - they must be suitable for the device being controlled.

Advantages of using PWM generators

PWM generators are extremely practical devices that allow precise control of various parameters. They make it possible to achieve optimal performance of equipment, as well as significant energy savings. In addition, they are relatively simple to use and assemble, making them ideal for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Technical design of PWM generators

The basic component of any PWM generator is the integrated circuit that generates the PWM signal. It can be controlled both analog and digital. In addition, the generator usually includes a potentiometer to adjust the pulse width, as well as various safety features, such as overload protection.