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Files - Racks

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Files and rasps at ABC-RC

Stock up on files i rasps at the ABC-RC online store. We offer a variety of tools for working with wood and metal. Our files allow precise modeling, and rasps are used to create holes. Available in different sizes and shapes, meet different requirements. We choose products carefully, ensuring performance and durability.

Files and rasps in the ABC-RC online store

ABC-RC online store offers a wide selection of files i rasps, which are indispensable tools for anyone working with wood or metal. Our range of products includes tools of different sizes and shapes, allowing precise modeling and creation of holes. Through careful selection of products, we ensure their performance and durability.

Use of files and rasps

Files are tools used for surface treatment of materials such as metal, wood or plastic. With a variety of shapes and sizes, they allow precise modeling, honing or finishing of details. Rasps on the other hand, are used to create holes and cuts. By choosing the right type of rasp, we can create holes of different shapes and sizes.

Division of files and rasps

We divide files into several basic types, flat, round, triangular, semicircular, bar files. Each has a different application, and the differences are mainly in the shape and degree of coarsening. The rasps, in turn, are divided into: cylindrical, conical, ball, spindle, hollow. As with files, each has a different application.

How to choose files and rasps?

Choosing the right file or rasp depends on several factors. First of all, on the material we will be processing. Then, from the type of work we want to do - whether it be modeling, honing or creating holes. Finally, the shape and size of the tool is also important. Therefore, before buying, it is advisable to carefully study our offer and possibly consult your choice with our specialists.

Advantages of using files and rasps

The use of files and rasps allows for precision machining of various types of materials. With them, we can model, smooth or create holes of different shapes and sizes. In addition, they are very durable and efficient tools that, with proper use, serve for many years.

Technical construction of files and rasps

Both files and rasps consist of two main parts: the shank and the working part. The working part of the file is covered with serrations, which allow processing of the material. In the case of the rasp, the working part is in the form of a spiral ending with a blade. The shank, on the other hand, is used to hold the tool in the chuck.

We offer files and rasps with different degrees of coarseness, which allows you to choose a tool for your specific needs. We invite you to get acquainted with our assortment and take advantage of the assistance of our specialists, who will be happy to help you choose the right tools.