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Liquid flow sensors

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Liquid flow sensors at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers liquid flow meters for a variety of conditions. The range includes flow meters and liquid flow indicators, arduino compatible. Ideal for measuring quantities of liquids and gases.

Liquid flow sensors in the ABC-RC online store

ABC-RC is where you will find a wide selection of liquid flow sensors. Our flow meters will prove themselves in a variety of conditions, allowing precise measurement of the amount of flowing liquid or gas. We also offer liquid flow indicators, that are compatible with the arduino.

Application of liquid flow sensors

Liquid flow sensors are indispensable in many industries. They are used to monitor and control the flow of liquids and gases in pipes and ducts. They are used in chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in HVAC systems.

Division of liquid flow sensors

Liquid flow sensors are divided into mechanical flow meters i electronic. Mechanical flowmeters use the force exerted on the impeller by the flowing liquid to measure the amount of liquid. Electronic flow meters, on the other hand, use physical phenomena such as the Doppler effect or thermal effect to measure the flow of liquids.

Selection of liquid flow sensors

Selecting the right liquid flow sensor depends on many factors. The the type of liquid to be measured, flow range, measurement accuracy requirements, and environmental conditions. Our team of specialists will be happy to help you choose the right device.

Advantages of using liquid flow sensors

Use of liquid flow sensors allows precise measurement of the amount of flowing liquid or gas. This can optimize industrial processes, save raw materials and energy, and ensure worker safety and environmental protection.

Technical design of liquid flow sensors

Technical construction liquid flow sensors varies and depends on the type of device. However, they all consist of two main parts: a flow transducer and a signal transducer. The flow transducer is the part of the device that is in direct contact with the liquid being measured. The signal transducer, on the other hand, converts the signal from the flow transducer into user-readable values.