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Tape Cable

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Tape Cables at ABC-RC store

ABC-RC offers a wide range of ribbon cables for a variety of applications. In our assortment you will find ribbon cables of various lengths and widths, ideal for installation in electronic devices. Trust our offer and choose ribbon cable suitable for your project.

Tape wires - a key component of your electronic project

At ABC-RC's online store, we have come to understand the importance of ribbon cables in the implementation of various projects. That's why we offer a wide selection of these products to meet all your technical needs. Our ribbon cables, also known as flat cables or ribbon cables, are available in a variety of lengths and widths, ideal for mounting in a variety of electronic devices.

Application of ribbon cables

Ribbon cables are indispensable in many areas of electronics. They are used in computers, printers, scanners, as well as in other devices where data transfer between different components is required. Tape wires are also often used in modeling, especially in drones and other remote-controlled models.

Division of ribbon cables

Our offer includes ribbon cables with different number of conductors - from several to several dozen. There is also a distinction between cables with different conductor densities, which allows you to adapt them to the specifics of a particular device. In addition, we offer ribbon cables with different types of connectors, such as iDC connectors whether d-Sub connectors.

How to select a ribbon cable?

Choosing the right ribbon cable depends on several factors. First of all, pay attention to the number and density of the wires, which must meet the specifications of the device. Another important element is the type of connector - not every connector fits every device. Finally, important is the length of the cable, which must be sufficient to connect the various components.

Advantages of using ribbon cables

Ribbon cables are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, which is their undeniable advantage. This makes them ideal for applications where high reliability is required. In addition, the ribbon cables are easy to install and remove, making service work much easier.

Technical construction of ribbon cables

Tape cables consist of multiple parallel wires that are joined together to form a single tape. Each cable consists of a conducting wire (usually copper) and insulation that provides protection against mechanical and electrical damage. Depending on the model, ribbon cables can have different types of connectors at the ends to connect them to devices.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer ribbon cables. We are confident that every customer, even the most demanding, will find with us a product that meets their expectations. Trust our range and choose the right ribbon cable for your project.