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Eyelets in the ABC-RC online store

In our offer you will find a wide range of eyelets for various models of remote controlled devices. We offer components with different specifications that guarantee a precise fit for your RC model. We provide high quality our products and competitive prices.

Choose the right eyelets for your model and enjoy better control and stability in flight. You'll find both standard and specialized eyelet terminals with us.

Eyelets in the ABC-RC online store

At the ABC-RC online store, we offer a wide selection of eyelets, which are an indispensable part of any remote-controlled model. Our ring terminals, also known as ball couplings or eye couplings, they are available in a variety of specifications to precisely match your RC model.

Our ring terminals are made of high quality materials that guarantee their durability and reliability. Depending on your needs, we offer eyelet ends of different sizes and shapes. In our assortment you will find both standard and specialized eyelet tips, which provide better control and stability during flight.

Application of eyelets

Eyelets are an essential part of any RC model. They are used to connect various components of the model, such as servos, control cables or suspensions. They allow precise control of the model, as well as its stability during flight or driving.

Division of ring ends

In our offer you will find ring terminals with different specifications. We offer eye lugs of different sizes to fit different RC models. There is a distinction between standard-size eye lugs and those with specialized dimensions for specific RC models.

How to select eyelet bits?

Selection of appropriate eyelets is crucial for the correct operation of the RC model. It is worth paying attention to the size of the eyelet end, which should be matched to the size of the servo, control cable or suspension. It is also important that the eyelet tip is made of a material of sufficient hardness to ensure its durability and resistance to damage.

Advantages of using eyelets

Use of eyelets in RC models has many advantages. First of all, the eyelet lugs ensure precise control of the model, which is crucial for its stability during flight or driving. In addition, the eye lugs are durable and resistant to damage, which guarantees their long life.

Technical construction of eyelet terminals

Eyelets consist of several components that together form a robust and durable connector. The main element of the eyelet tip is a sleeve to which the pin is attached. The sleeve is made of durable material that ensures the durability of the eyelet tip, and the stem allows it to move freely.