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Bulb sockets

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Bulb sockets at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers a wide selection of bulb sockets for various applications. Our product range includes sockets for both traditional and LED light bulbs. All products are solidly made and provide a safe and stable connection. With a variety of models, you'll find the perfect socket for your lighting equipment with us.

Light Bulb Socket Basics at ABC-RC

In the ABC-RC online store we offer bulb sockets of high quality, which are essential for the proper functioning of lighting in the home, office or workshop. These are the components that allow you to connect the bulb to the power source, and their selection depends on the type of bulb, application and technical requirements.

Types of bulb sockets

Our offer includes various types of bulb sockets, such as sockets for traditional, LED, halogen or energy-saving light bulbs. Among the most popular are E27 and E14 sockets, which are standard in most home lighting installations. We also offer GU10 and G4 sockets, which are often used in spot and decorative lighting.

Use of bulb sockets

Bulb sockets are used in a variety of applications - from home lighting to office lighting to industrial lighting. Depending on your needs, you can choose sockets with different technical parameters, such as voltage, wattage, bulb type or shape.

How to choose a light bulb socket?

Selection bulb socket should be dictated primarily by the type of bulb you plan to use. It is important that the socket is compatible with the bulb in terms of thread type and wattage. In addition, consider the installation location - some sockets are designed for surface mounting, others for recessed mounting.

Advantages of using bulb sockets

Bulb sockets are essential components of any lighting system. They provide a secure and stable connection between the bulb and the power source. Thanks to the variety of models, everyone can find the perfect socket for their lighting equipment with us. All of our sockets are solidly made and guaranteed to last a long time.

Technical construction of bulb sockets

Basic components bulb sockets are body, contacts and thread. The body is usually made of porcelain, metal or plastic. The contacts, which provide the connection to the bulb, are made of copper or bronze. The thread that allows you to mount the bulb is standard for the type of socket.

At ABC-RC, we focus on quality and professionalism, so we offer only tested and safe bulb sockets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!