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Expanding Nuts

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Range of expanding nuts at ABC-RC

ABC-RC online store offers a diverse selection of expansion nuts, also known as self-locking nuts. They are characterized by high resistance to vibration, which makes them indispensable in many industries. We offer products of various diameters and lengths, made of materials that ensure longevity and resistance to damage.

Professional range of expansion nuts at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is an online store that offers a diverse selection of expansion nuts, often referred to as self-locking nuts or spring nuts. These highly functional mounting components are indispensable in many industries, thanks to their vibration resistance and long-lasting durability.

What are expansion nuts?

Expansion nuts are a specific type of nuts that have unique mechanical properties. They are used in many industries, including automotive, construction, industrial machinery and many others. They are distinguished by their high resistance to vibration, which is key in many applications.

Application of expansion nuts

Expansion nuts are extremely versatile. Their applications are endless - from the assembly of machinery and equipment, to the construction of steel structures, to applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. Thanks to their unique properties, the expansion nuts guarantee the stability and safety of connections.

Division of expansion nuts

Expansion nuts are divided into several types, depending on their design, application and material from which they are made. ABC-RC offers expansion nuts with external threads, expansion nuts with internal threads, as well as expansion nuts made of stainless steel and expansion nuts made of aluminum.

Selection of expansion nuts

The selection of the right expansion nut depends on a number of factors, such as the material of the component to which the nut is to be screwed, the diameter of the hole in which the nut is to be installed, and the required clamping force. Our team of specialists will be happy to help you select the right expansion nuts for your specific application.

Advantages of using expansion nuts

The use of expansion nuts has many advantages. They are extremely durable, resistant to vibration and provide long-lasting, secure connections. In addition, due to their design, the expansion nuts are easy to install and remove, making work much easier.

Technical construction of expansion nuts

Expansion nuts consist of a nut body and a spring that is placed inside the body. When the nut is screwed on, the spring expands, clamping the nut to the component to which it is screwed on. This makes the nut stable and extremely resistant to vibration.

At ABC-RC, we offer a wide range of expansion nuts to suit various applications. We invite you to get acquainted with our offer and use the help of our specialists in choosing the right nuts.