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Peltier cells

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Peltier cells at ABC-RC

At ABC-RC you will find Peltier cells of a high standard. Ideal for cooling RC components. We provide accessories and kits, including CPU and GPU water blocks and thermal insulation. Peltier cells are crucial for effective cooling of RC models.

Peltier cells at ABC-RC - efficient cooling for RC models

Peltier cells are innovative devices that play a key role in efficient cooling of RC models. The ABC-RC online store offers a wide selection of peltier cells of high standard, ideal for cooling various types of RC components. We also provide the necessary accessories and kits, such as CPU and GPU water blocks or thermal insulation.

Application of Peltier cells

Peltier cells, also known as Peltier modules, use the thermoelectric effect to transfer heat from one side of a device to the other. They use electrical voltage for cooling or heating. In RC models, Peltier cells are primarily used to cool components such as processors (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs) or control systems.

Division of Peltier cells

Peltier cells are divided into several types, depending on the application and requirements. At ABC-RC we offer single-sided and double-sided Peltier cells, which vary in the amount of heat they are able to transfer, as well as multi-stage Peltier cells, which allow very low temperatures to be reached.

Peltier cell selection

Choosing the right Peltier cell depends on several factors. First of all, the cooling requirement is important - the larger it is, the more efficient cell we should choose. Also, the type and size of the component being cooled matter. At ABC-RC, we advise on how to choose the right peltier cell for a specific RC model.

Advantages of using Peltier cells

There are many advantages to using Peltier cells. First of all, they allow very efficient cooling of components, which translates into longer life and better performance. Peltier cells are also small, lightweight and reliable, which is especially important in RC models.

Technical construction of Peltier cells

A Peltier cell consists of two ceramic plates with semiconductors between them. When current flows through semiconductors, one side of the cell becomes warm and the other cold. This allows the Peltier cell to efficiently transfer heat and cool RC model components.

Take a look at our range of Peltier cells and accessories for them. We guarantee high quality products and professional advice.