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Model Plugs

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Robust connections with model plugs

Electronics are key in RC models. High-quality modeling connectors are essential in the construction of their own vehicles. offers a wide assortment that meets the highest technical standards.

Powering up models with model plugs

Abc-rc you will find various types of model plugs, switches, frames, wires, sockets, adapters and many other items necessary in the modeling workshop. All products are durable, functional and made of high quality materials.

Modeling plugs - essential components in RC modeling

In RC modeling, one of the key components are modeling plugs. These small but extremely important components are responsible for transferring power from the battery to various parts of the model, such as motors, servos, receivers and others. Choosing the right modeling plugs is key to achieving optimal model performance.

Types of model plugs

The ABC-RC store offers a wide selection of modeling plugs, such as: banana plugs, T-Plugs, XT60 plugs, JST plugs, Micro JST plugs, Mini Tamiya plugs, Tamiya plugs, Traxxas plugs, EC3 plugs, EC5 plugs and many others. Each of these plug types has its own specific application, depending on the type of model and user requirements.

Choosing the right modeling plugs

Choosing the right modeling plugs depends on many factors. It is important that the plug is properly selected for the power it is to carry, as well as for the size and type of model. Other factors to consider are ease of assembly and disassembly, durability and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of using modeling plugs

Use of modeling plugs has many advantages. First, they allow for easy and quick connection and disconnection of various components of the model. Second, they provide a secure and stable connection, which is especially important in high-power models. Third, model plugs are durable and resistant to damage, which greatly extends the life of the model.

Technical construction of modeling plugs

Model plugs consist of several components. The main component is a metal pin, which is responsible for the transmission of current. The pin is usually coated with a layer of tin or gold to provide better conductivity and protection against corrosion. The plugs are also equipped with insulating housings to ensure safety and protect metal components from damage.

The ABC-RC store offers a wide selection of modeling plugs, that meet the highest technical standards. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.