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Wall and self-adhesive hangers

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Wall and adhesive hangers at ABC-RC

ABC-RC store offers wall hangers and self-adhesive hangers with various functions. These products are characterized by their ease of installation and practicality. Self-adhesive hangers are a solution for those who want to use the space without drilling. Wall hangers, on the other hand, are sturdy structures for hanging heavier items. Choose the model that fits your needs.

Wall hangers and self-adhesive hangers in the ABC-RC store

Our offer includes wall and self-adhesive hangers, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. These are products with a wide range of applications, which are characterized not only by practicality, but also by aesthetics and solidity of workmanship.

Wall hangers - sturdy and functional

Wall hangers are products that are perfect for hanging heavier objects. They are made of high quality materials that guarantee their strength and durability. Wall hangers are not only functional, but also aesthetics. We offer models that fit perfectly into a variety of interiors, from classic to modern. Their installation is simple and fast, so that anyone can easily handle their installation.

Self-adhesive hangers - convenience without drilling

Self-adhesive hangers is the perfect solution for people who want to use the available space without drilling. Thanks to the special self-adhesive layer, the installation of the hanger is extremely simple and fast. Self-adhesive hangers are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or office, where both functionality and aesthetics are important. We offer models of different shapes and sizes, so everyone can find a product to suit their needs.

Choosing hangers - what to pay attention to?

Choosing the right hanger is not simple. Several aspects are worth noting. First of all, you need to decide whether the hanger should be wall-mounted or self-adhesive. When it comes to wall hangers, it is important that they are sturdy and durable, especially if they are to be used to hang heavier items. For self-adhesive hangers, it is crucial that the self-adhesive layer is strong and durable. In addition, you should pay attention to the aesthetics of the hanger - it should blend in with the rest of the interior.

Advantages of using hangers

Use of wall and self-adhesive hangers has many advantages. First of all, they allow for efficient use of space. With them, you can hang a variety of items, from clothes to towels to various accessories. In addition, the hangers are easy to install and remove, which is especially important for self-adhesive hangers. Finally, the hangers are aesthetically pleasing and can be an interesting decorative element.

Technical construction of hangers

Wall hangers and self-adhesive hangers are characterized by a simple yet sturdy design. They consist of a base that is attached to the wall or surface on which the hanger is to be mounted, and hooks on which to hang items. Wall hangers are fixed with screws, while self-adhesive hangers are fixed with an adhesive layer. All our hangers are made of high quality materials that guarantee their durability and strength.