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LED holders

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LED fixtures - an indispensable part of optical signaling

In category LED fixtures you will find a variety of LED sockets. They are crucial to the functionality and aesthetics of LEDs. The fixtures allow easy replacement of LEDs, and give them a more interesting appearance. We offer frames of different sizes to fit a variety of needs.

LED fixtures category - the key to LED functionality and aesthetics

LED holders, also known as lED sockets or lED holders, are an indispensable part of optical signaling. Their task is not only to protect the diodes, but also to give them a more interesting appearance. In our ABC-RC online store, we offer frames of different sizes to fit a variety of needs.

Application of LED fixtures

LED fixtures are used in many fields of technology. They are used in home lighting, w industrial lighting, as well as in optical signaling. They make the LEDs safe and stable, and also look aesthetically pleasing. LED holders are essential for mounting LEDs in various types of devices.

Breakdown of LED fixtures

LED fixtures are divided into several types, depending on the application. We distinguish between holders:

  • for surface mounting (SMD) - these are fixtures that are mounted directly on the printed circuit board. They are mainly used in industrial production.
  • for through-hole mounting (THT) - these are holders that are mounted on the printed circuit board by means of holes. They are mainly used in amateur production.

LED fixture selection

Choosing the right LED fixture is crucial to LED functionality. You should pay attention to several factors, such as:

  • the size of the LED - the holder must be properly matched to the size of the diode to ensure its stability and safety.
  • mounting type - depending on whether the diode is to be surface-mounted or threaded, choose the appropriate type of holder.
  • use of a diode - different applications require different types of frames. For LEDs used in home lighting, the best fixtures will be those with an aesthetically pleasing design, while for LEDs used in optical signaling, the functionality of the fixture will be of primary importance.

Advantages of using LED fixtures

There are many advantages to using LED fixtures. First of all, they make LEDs safe and stable. The holders protect the diodes from mechanical damage and also ensure their proper cooling. In addition, the fixtures give the LEDs an aesthetically pleasing appearance, which is especially important for LEDs used in home lighting.

Technical construction of LED fixtures

LED fixtures are usually made of plastic that can withstand high temperatures. They consist of several components, such as:

  • body - is the main part of the fixture, which contains the LED.
  • connectors - are used to connect the diode to an electrical circuit.
  • handle - is used to mount the holder on a printed circuit board or other surface.