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Cylindrical Connectors

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Cylindrical Connectors at ABC-RC

At ABC-RC we offer a wide selection of cylindrical connectors dedicated to various applications. In the assortment we have models of various diameters and shapes that guarantee precise and secure connections. Our products are characterized by durability and resistance to damage. We offer customized solutions.

Cylindrical Connectors at ABC-RC

At ABC-RC we offer a wide selection of cylindrical connectors, which are an indispensable element in many fields of technology. From industrial electronics to automation to the telecommunications industry, these small components play a key role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of systems. Our range includes models of various diameters and shapes that guarantee precise and secure connections.

Application of Cylindrical Connectors

Cylindrical connectors, also known as cylindrical connectors or cylindrical plugs, are commonly used to connect various types of equipment and systems. Thanks to their design, they enable quick and easy connections, while ensuring high reliability and durability. They are often used in industry, telecommunications, medicine, automotive, as well as in domestic electrical installations.

Division of Cylindrical Connectors

Our offer includes cylindrical connectors of different diameters, from small connectors with a diameter of a few millimeters, to large plugs with a diameter of several millimeters. We also offer models of different shapes, both straight and angular, which allows you to match specific requirements and installation conditions. The connectors are available with different types of terminations, such as soldering, screwing or crimping, which makes them quick and easy to install.

How to Select Cylindrical Connectors?

Choosing the right cylindrical connector should be primarily dictated by the requirements of the particular system or device. It is necessary to take into account such parameters as diameter, shape, type of termination, as well as the material from which it is made. It is also important to pay attention to electrical parameters, such as voltage or operating current, as well as resistance to external conditions, such as humidity or temperature.

Advantages of Using Cylindrical Connectors

Use of cylindrical connectors has many advantages. First of all, they provide quick and easy connections, which is especially important for systems that require frequent configuration changes or servicing. Thanks to their design, they also guarantee high reliability and durability, resulting in long life and trouble-free operation of the systems. In addition, thanks to the wide range of available models, it is possible to match them to virtually any application.

Technical Construction of Cylindrical Connectors

Cylindrical connectors consist of several basic elements. These are the body, which houses the female or male part of the connector, and the termination, which is used to connect to the cable. Depending on the model, they may also have additional features such as gaskets, polarized keys or locks that provide additional protection and security for the connection.

At ABC-RC we focus on quality and customer satisfaction. That is why we offer only proven and reliable cylindrical connectors, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!