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Assortment of pushrods at ABC-RC

In the ABC-RC store you will find a diverse selection of pushers for RC models. We offer products from well-known manufacturers, ensuring precise performance and durability. Tailored for a variety of models, our pushrods are reliable replacement parts for RC model enthusiasts.

Assortment of pushrods at ABC-RC

ABC-RC online store offers a diverse selection of tappets for RC models. Our assortment includes products from reputable manufacturers that guarantee precise performance and durability. Our pushers, also known as control conductors or control links, are reliable spare parts for RC model enthusiasts.

The use of pushrods in RC modeling

Pushrods are essential components in remote-controlled models that transmit motion from the servo to the model's controls. With them it is possible to precisely control RC models, both land and air models. The use of pushrods with adequate strength and length ensures smooth and accurate control.

Division of pushers

In our ABC-RC store we offer pushrods of different lengths and diameters, so we can meet the needs of any modeler. Pushrods can be divided into:

  • Metal tappets - are characterized by high durability and are ideal for models with high power and weight.
  • Plastic pushers - are lighter than metal and are perfect for small and lightweight models.

Selection of tappets

When selecting pushers, there are several important points to consider:

  • Model type - different types of pushers may be needed for land and air models.
  • Size and weight of the model - large and heavy models require stronger pushers.
  • Servo type - some servos require special pushers.

Advantages of using pushers

The use of pushrods in RC models has many advantages:

  • Precise control - pushrods transmit motion from the servo to the controls with high accuracy.
  • Durability - pushers made of high quality materials are resistant to damage.
  • Ease of installation - tappets are easy to install and replace.

Technical construction of pushers

Pushrods consist of several components:

  • Pipe - is the main part of the pusher that transmits motion.
  • Joints - allow movement in different directions.
  • Connectors - are used to connect the pusher to the servo and controls.

In the ABC-RC store we offer pushers of different technical design, to meet the requirements of various RC models. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!