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LED Displays

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Assortment of LED Displays at ABC-RC

ABC-RC has a wide range of lED displays with different number of digits, dedicated for Arduino and DIY projects. We offer 2, 3, 4 digit models and more. LCD Displays are available for advanced projects requiring more extensive data presentation.

Assortment of LED Displays at ABC-RC

In our online store ABC-RC you will find a wide range of lED displays dedicated to a variety of projects for both amateurs and professionals. Our range includes models with different number of digits, tailored to the customer's needs. We offer both 2, 3, 4-digit displays, as well as models with more digits. For advanced projects requiring more extensive data presentation, we offer lCD displays.

Division of LED Displays

In our offer you will find light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are divided into one-color, two-color and full-color (RGB). Also available are alphanumeric displays and matrix. Choosing the right model depends on individual needs and project requirements.

Application of LED Displays

LED displays are used in many fields, both in DIY projects and professional equipment. They are indispensable in the construction of various types of counters, clocks, as well as in advanced projects requiring the presentation of a wider range of data. Thanks to their small size and low energy requirements, lED screens are often used in portable electronic devices.

Advantages of using LED Displays

Among the main advantages of lED displays include their energy efficiency, longevity and ability to adjust brightness. In addition, due to their design, LED displays are shockproof, which increases their durability.

Technical Design of LED Displays

LED Displays consist of light-emitting diodes that emit light under the influence of the current flowing through them. Such a diode consists of a semiconductor, an anode and a cathode. The principle of operation of an LED is based on the electroluminescent reaction that occurs in a semiconductor under the influence of the flow of electric current.

How to Choose LED Displays?

Choosing the right lED display depends on a number of factors, such as the number of digits required, the color of the light, the supply voltage, as well as the size and shape of the display. At ABC-RC, we offer a wide range of LED displays, so every customer will find a model perfectly suited to their needs.