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Combined Systems

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Combined Circuits at ABC-RC.en is the place where you will find a wide selection of integrated circuits to upgrade equipment. We offer Arduino-compatible microcontrollers supplied by reputable manufacturers. We provide competitive prices and reliability of our products.

Combined Circuits at ABC-RC.en

ABC-RC online is a place where every technology and electronics lover will find something for themselves. We specialize in selling a variety of integrated circuits - basic components of many electronic devices. Our portfolio ranges from simple logic circuits to advanced Arduino-compatible microcontrollers.

Application of integrated circuits

Integrated circuits, also known as integrated circuits (ICs) or chips, are indispensable in almost every electronic device. From simple toys to televisions, computers to sophisticated industrial systems, wherever there are electronics, there you will find integrated circuits. Their main task is to process, generate or store electrical signals.

Division of integrated circuits

On we offer a wide selection of integrated circuits, which we can divide into several categories, depending on their function and use. Among the most important are:

  • Logic circuits - are used to process digital signals. They include logic gates, flip-flops, counters, multiplexers and others.
  • Microcontrollers - are integrated circuits containing a processor, memory and input/output circuits. They are at the heart of many devices, from simple controllers to sophisticated embedded systems.
  • Operating systems - are integrated circuits used to amplify analog signals.
  • Memory chips - are used to store data in digital form. These can be either RAM or flash memory.

How to select integrated circuits?

Selecting the right chip depends primarily on the application for which it is to be used. It is worth noting such parameters as the type of circuit (logic, operational, microcontroller, memory), number of pins, power supply voltage, operating speed, type of enclosure, operating temperature, and compatibility with other system components. For microcontrollers, features such as architecture, memory size, number of inputs/outputs, and available peripherals (e.g., communication interfaces) are also important.

Advantages of using integrated circuits

Use of integrated circuits has many advantages. First of all, it allows the miniaturization of electronic devices - with them we can build a complex system on a small circuit board. The chips are also extremely energy efficient, resulting in longer battery life for mobile devices. In addition, thanks to standardization and automation of production, integrated circuits are relatively inexpensive, which allows their widespread use.

Technical design of integrated circuits

Construction integrated circuit depends on its type and application, but all integrated circuits consist of several basic elements. These include a silicon chip on which all the chip's active and passive components are placed, and a housing that protects the chip from mechanical and environmental damage. The pins leading out of the case are used to connect the IC to the rest of the system.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer integrated circuits on ABC-RC.en. We guarantee competitive prices, fast shipping and professional advice.