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High Voltage Generators

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High Voltage Generators at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers an extensive selection of high voltage generators and high-voltage inverters. We also stock Tesla generators and Tesla coils. The devices are characterized by solid workmanship and high efficiency.

High Voltage Transformers

At ABC-RC you will find a wide range of high voltage transformers, ideal for a variety of applications. We offer professional advice and service. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

High Voltage Generators at ABC-RC

We invite you to take a look at the offer of the ABC-RC store, which includes high voltage generators and high-voltage inverters. The equipment we offer is characterized by its solid workmanship and high performance, which guarantees reliability and long-lasting use.

Types of High Voltage Generators

We offer various types of high-voltage generators, such as impulse generators,static generators and tesla generators. Each has its own unique uses and characteristics that adapt them to specific applications.

Impulse Generators

Pulse generators, otherwise known as high-voltage pulse generators, are devices used to generate short duration pulses of very high voltage. They are mainly used in industry, medicine and technical sciences.

Static Generators

Static generators, also known as electrostatic generators, are devices that generate high voltage by using electrostatic phenomenon. They are widely used in scientific research and in the electrical engineering industry.

Tesla generators

Tesla generators, also known as tesla coils, is a kind of resonant transformer that generates high voltage, high frequency AC current. They were designed by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891.

Application of High Voltage Generators

High voltage generators are widely used in many fields. They are indispensable in the electrical engineering industry, medicine, technical sciences and scientific research. We offer professional advice and service in selecting the right device for specific applications.

High Voltage Transformers

At ABC-RC we also offer high voltage transformers, which are indispensable in many fields, such as the energy industry, telecommunications, the automotive industry and many others. Our high-voltage transformers are distinctive for their robust construction and high performance.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and take advantage of our professional advice. Our team of specialists is always ready to help you choose the device that best meets your requirements.