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Hinges for furniture

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Furniture hinges at ABC-RC

The offer of ABC-RC store includes furniture hinges of various types and purposes. We offer both traditional and hidden models to suit a variety of furniture styles. Our products are characterized by robustness and reliability.

Choosing hinges for furniture

ABC-RC guarantees a wide range of hinges for furniture. Thanks to this, every customer will find the right product for him or her. Our hinges are a guarantee of durability and functionality of your furniture.

Hinges for furniture in the ABC-RC store

The ABC-RC online store includes furniture hinges premium. Our offer includes various models of hinges, both traditional and hidden, adapted to a variety of furniture styles. Furniture hinges are an extremely important part of any piece of furniture, affecting its functionality and durability.

Division of furniture hinges

Furniture hinges can be divided into several types. The offer of ABC-RC includes, among others concealed hinges,traditional hinges and specialty hinges. Each of these types has its own specific application and characteristics, so it is possible to choose the ideal hinge for each type of furniture.

Choice of furniture hinges

Choosing the right furniture hinges is extremely important for the functionality of the furniture. Hinges must be matched to the type of furniture, its style and purpose. In the ABC-RC store we guarantee a wide range of hinges, so that every customer can find the right product for him or her.

Advantages of using furniture hinges

Use of furniture hinges has many advantages. First of all, the hinges affect the durability of the furniture, ensuring its stability and sturdiness. In addition, furniture hinges guarantee easy and convenient opening and closing of doors or drawers. Thanks to them, the use of furniture becomes comfortable and pleasant.

Technical construction of furniture hinges

Furniture hinges consist of several components that ensure their proper operation. These include the hinge body, hinge arm, cover and mounting screws. Each of these components has a specific task and affects the functionality of the hinge.

Application of furniture hinges

Furniture hinges have a very wide range of applications. They can be used in various types of furniture, such as cabinets, dressers, kitchen cabinets and desks. Thanks to the different types of hinges, it is possible to adapt them to any type of furniture, regardless of its style or purpose.

In the ABC-RC online store you will find furniture hinges of the highest quality, which guarantee the durability and functionality of your furniture. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!