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Plant floodlights

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Offer of floodlights for plants at ABC-RC

ABC-RC presents a range of plant floodlights. We offer models with different wattage and light spectrum to suit the needs of plants. Ideal for houseplants. Choose a lamp for your plants!

Plant floodlights - ABC-RC assortment

ABC-RC is a proud supplier of floodlights for plants. Our range includes a wide range of plant lamps with different wattage and light spectrum, perfectly suited to the needs of your houseplants. Choose a lamp for your plants and enjoy their healthy growth!

Division of floodlights for plants

Plant floodlights are divided into several types, depending on the technology they use. In our offer you will find lED floodlights,hPS lamps and mH floodlights. Each of these types has its own unique advantages and applications, so we can offer you a product perfectly suited to your needs.

Application of floodlights for plants

Plant floodlights are essential for growing houseplants, especially in conditions of insufficient natural light. They are used to irradiate plants to stimulate their growth, flowering or fruiting. We can offer you lamps for plants with different light spectrums to help you optimize the photosynthetic process and increase the efficiency of your culture.

How to choose a floodlight for plants?

Choosing the right floodlight for plants depends on several factors. Among them are the type of plant, its growth stage, and the conditions under which it is grown. In our offer you will find plant lamps of different wattage, which will allow you to adjust the intensity of light to the needs of your plants.

Advantages of using floodlights for plants

Use of plant illuminators has many advantages. First, they enable control of the photosynthetic process, which translates into healthy plant growth and development. Secondly, by using the right light spectrum, floodlights help increase the efficiency of breeding. Finally, the plant lights are energy-efficient and durable, making them an economical choice for any grower.

Technical construction of plant floodlights

Plant floodlights consist of several basic components, including a light source, reflector and ballast. In our offer you will find lED floodlights, which are characterized by long life and high energy efficiency, as well as hPS lamps i MH, which are known for their light intensity.

At ABC-RC we offer only the highest quality floodlights for plants, that will help you create the ideal conditions for your plants to thrive. Contact us today and our specialists will help you choose the right floodlight for your needs!