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Linear bearings

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Linear bearing specialist

ABC-RC is an expert in linear bearings, used in 3D printers and CNC equipment. Our range includes various models, varying in size, weight and shape. We offer housed and flanged bearings. We provide technical support and advice in the selection of.

Linear bearings - the key to precision equipment operation

At ABC-RC's online store, you'll understand the importance of choosing the right linear bearings for your equipment. Whether it's a 3D printer, CNC device, or any other device that requires precise movement, our linear bearings are essential.

Variety of linear bearing offerings

Our offer includes various models of linear bearings, which vary in size, weight and shape. We offer housed and flanged bearings. A range of available options allows the perfect fit for a specific device.

Application of linear bearings

Linear bearings, otherwise known as linear conductors or linear sliders, are used in a wide range of devices that require precise, smooth and quiet movement. They are indispensable in 3D printers and CNC equipment, but are also used in many other technical and industrial devices.

Division of linear bearings

Basic division linear bearings takes into account the type of housing. We distinguish between housed and flanged bearings. The housing provides additional protection for the bearing, while the flange allows for easier mounting.

How to select linear bearings?

Choosing the right linear bearing depends on many factors. Consider first of all the technical requirements of the device, such as the dimensions, weight and shape of the bearing. It is also important to understand what loads it will have to withstand. Our technical team is always ready to help you choose the right product.

Advantages of using linear bearings

Use of linear bearings brings many benefits. First of all, they ensure precise and smooth movement. Thanks to them, the devices operate quietly and efficiently. In addition, linear bearings are highly durable and wear-resistant, resulting in long equipment life.

Technical construction of linear bearings

Linear bearings consist of several basic components. These include the bearing body, linear slide and roller components. The bearing body is usually made of hardened steel and is used to fix the bearing. A linear slide allows movement along an axis, and roller elements ensure the smoothness of this movement.

In the ABC-RC online store you will always find linear bearings the highest quality that will meet your expectations. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!