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Dosing Syringes

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Precision Dosing Syringes for Electronics and Industry

Discover our range of dosing syringes intended for the electronic and industrial sectors. These products are distinctive for their precision and reliability.

Our dispensing needles are carefully selected, which ensures their high effectiveness.

Dispensing Syringes: Precision and Reliability for Electronics and Industry

ABC-RC offers a wide range of dosing syringes intended for the electronic and industrial sectors. They are characterized by high precision and reliability, which are key to the efficiency and quality of work in these areas.

Division of Dosing Syringes

We offer different types of dosing syringes, such as single-channel syringes,multichannel syringes whether automatic syringes. Each of these types has its own unique applications and advantages, allowing them to be widely used in various industries.

Application of Dosing Syringes

Dispensing syringes are essential in many manufacturing processes. They are used for precise dispensing of liquids, adhesives, pastes or other materials. Their use is invaluable in the electronics industry, where precise control of the amount and location of dosed substances is required.

Technical Design of Dosing Syringes

Our dosing syringes are carefully designed and made of high quality materials. They consist of a cylinder, which is filled with the dispensed material, and a piston, which is manually or mechanically driven. Dispensing needles are carefully selected to ensure high efficiency.

How to Choose Dosing Syringes?

Choosing the right dosing syringe depends on many factors, such as the type of material to be dosed, the required precision, the speed of operation or the specifics of the production process. Our specialists are available to help you choose the right solution.

Advantages of Using Dosing Syringes

Using dosing syringes brings many benefits. First, they ensure high precision and repeatability of dispensing, which is crucial for the quality of the final product. Secondly, they are easy to use and maintain, which translates into higher productivity. Third, by using them, it is possible to save materials, which is both economically and environmentally beneficial.