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Your source for RC model spacers

ABC-RC store offers a wide range of spacers for RC models. The bushings are available in various diameters and lengths, ensuring precise distances between components. Key to the proper operation of the mechanical system. We offer both single bushings and kits.

Versatile use of spacers in RC modeling

ABC-RC online store is your source for the highest quality spacers necessary in the construction and maintenance of RC models. Our offer includes a wide range of bushings available in different diameters and lengths, which allows you to precisely adjust the distance between the elements of the model. Spacers, also known as spacers or walks, are a key component of the mechanical system of any RC model.

Division of spacers

We offer spacers divided into several categories by material of manufacture, diameter, length and shape. We offer metal, plastic and rubber bushings, which differ in their properties and purpose. Among the bushings of various shapes are cylindrical bushings, conical bushings, cup bushings and many others.

How to choose the right spacers?

Selection of appropriate spacers is crucial for the proper operation of the RC model. It is worth paying attention to such parameters as the inner and outer diameter of the sleeve, its length, as well as the material of manufacture. Metal bushings are more resistant to mechanical damage, while plastic and rubber bushings dampen vibrations better. The selection of the appropriate spacer also depends on the type of model - for flying models, it is recommended to use bushings with less weight, while for off-road models, bushings with greater strength will work better.

Advantages of using spacers

Use of spacers has many advantages. First, they allow you to precisely adjust the distance between the various elements of the model. Secondly, with spacers, you can minimize the risk of mechanical damage and extend the life of the model. Third, the spacers are easy to install and replace, making maintenance of RC models much easier.

Technical construction of spacers

Spacers are small components with a simple design. They consist of a cylindrical body of a certain diameter and length, which can range from simple cylinders to more complex forms. Depending on their intended use, bushings can have different inner and outer diameters, as well as different wall thicknesses. Some sleeves are additionally equipped with mounting holes for easy installation.

Our offer includes both single spacers, as well as kits that allow for comprehensive RC model upgrades. We invite you to take a look at our offer and choose the spacer perfectly matched to your RC model.