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Fiber optics

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Fiber optics for interior decoration at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers fiber optics for interior decoration. Flexible and easy to install, allow you to create unique illuminations. They can be cut at will to suit individual needs.

Fiber optics for interior decoration at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is a supplier of high quality fiber optics for interior decoration. These flexible and easy-to-install components allow you to create unique illuminations that can be cut and customized at will.

Division and application of optical fibers

Optical fibers, otherwise known as optical fiber, we divide into single-mode and multimode. The former, thanks to the smaller diameter of the core, allow light to be transmitted over long distances without distortion. The latter, on the other hand, are ideal for use in interior decoration due to their larger core diameter.

Fiber optics are used in many fields - from telecommunications to medicine to interior decoration. Thanks to their flexibility and variety of shapes, fiber optics are the perfect solution for those looking for modern and striking decorative solutions.

How to select fiber optics?

When choosing fiber optics, there are several important factors to consider. First, the diameter of the core - the larger it is, the more light the fiber is able to transmit. Second, number of mods - single-mode fiber optics are more precise but less flexible, while multi-mode fiber optics offer more arrangement possibilities. Third, amount of light - the more light the fiber is able to transmit, the brighter the end result will be.

Advantages of using fiber optics

The use of fiber optics has many advantages. First of all, they are safe - do not generate heat, so they are not a fire hazard. In addition, they are flexible i easy to install - can be freely cut and shaped to suit your needs. In addition, fiber optics are durable i weatherproof, which makes them ideal for both interiors and exteriors.

Technical construction of fiber optics

An optical fiber consists of core,covers i protective coating. The core, made of clear glass or plastic, is where the light is carried out. The shield, usually made of a material with a lower refractive index, prevents light scattering. Protective coating protects optical fiber from mechanical and atmospheric damage.

ABC-RC offers a wide range of fiber optics, both single-mode and multi-mode, in various diameters and lengths, ideal for interior decoration. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!