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Phone Holders

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Phone holders at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers a wide range of phone holders. You will find universal models that fit most smartphones. Ideal for people who use the phone in different locations.

Universal smartphone mounts

ABC-RC has universal mounts for phones. Regardless of the model of the device, they provide comfort. The choice of handle depends on the needs of the user.

Car holders - safety on the go

ABC-RC offers car mounts for phones. For frequent travelers, it's an essential piece of equipment. Facilitate safe phone use while driving.

Phone holders - a practical solution for everyone

ABC-RC is the place where you will find a wide selection of phone mounts. These range from universal models that fit most smartphones to specialized car mounts that keep you safe while driving. Choosing the right phone holder depends on the individual needs and preferences of the user.

Universal smartphone holders - comfort and functionality

ABC-RC offers universal phone mounts that are compatible with most smartphone models available on the market. With them, using the phone becomes much more convenient. Whether you use your phone at home, at work, or while traveling, universal smartphone holders will always work perfectly.

Breakdown of phone mounts

Phone holders can be divided into several categories. Among the most popular are:

  • Car mounts - provide safety and comfort when using the phone while driving.
  • Desk mounts - ideal for work, allow you to use your phone comfortably without having to hold it in your hand.
  • Bike holders - perfect for active people who can't imagine going on a bike trip without their smartphone.

Car mounts - safety and convenience in one

ABC-RC offers car phone mounts, which are an essential accessory for frequent travelers. Thanks to them, using the phone while driving is not only convenient, but most importantly safe. Car mounts for phones allow you to secure your device stably, allowing you to freely use navigation or answer important calls.

How to choose a phone holder?

Choosing the right phone holder depends on many factors. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the model of the phone you are using. Also important is the place where we will use the holder most often - whether it be in the car, the office, or a bicycle. Another important aspect is how the holder is mounted - some models are mounted on the windshield of the car, others on the dashboard, and still others on the handlebars of the bicycle.

Advantages of using phone holders

There are many advantages to using phone holders. First of all, they ensure the safety and convenience of the device. Thanks to them, the phone is always at your fingertips, and at the same time does not interfere with other activities. In addition, the phone holders protect the device from falling and damage, and allow you to freely use applications such as navigation or music player.

Technical design of phone mounts

Phone holders consist of several basic components. These are primarily:

  • Basis - an element that attaches the holder to a given surface (e.g., the dashboard of a car, a desk, the handlebars of a bicycle).
  • Paw - the part of the holder that holds the phone. It is usually adjustable, which allows you to adjust the holder to different phone sizes.
  • Connector - element connecting the base to the foot. On some models, the connector allows the phone to be rotated in different directions.