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Power supply

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Power and charging for your projects

In category Power supply ABC-RC online store you will discover a rich assortment of essential items for power supply and battery charging. Here you will find USB power supplies, switching power supplies, ferrite rings and power cords. Everything you need to power your projects, including Lipo, Li-Ion and other batteries.

Power supply - an essential part of any project

In the online store ABC-RC you'll find everything you need to provide reliable power to your devices. From batteries to power supplies to power cords, our range is as wide as the diverse needs of our customers.

Power supply - what it is?

Power supply is the process of supplying electricity to a device that it needs to function properly. Without adequate power supply, most electronic devices will not be able to work properly, and in some cases may even be damaged. That's why it's so important to choose the right power sources for your devices.

Product breakdown of Power Supply category

In category Power supply there are several subcategories that cover different types of products:

  • Power supplies - devices that convert electricity from the grid to the appropriate energy to power a particular device. In ABC-RC's offer you will find USB, impulse and other power supplies.
  • Batteries - are used to store electricity, which can later be used to power equipment. We offer Lipo, Li-Ion and many other batteries.
  • Power cables - are used to transmit electricity from a power source to a device. In our store you will find power cords of different lengths and cross sections, ideal for any project.

How to select products from the Power Supply category?

Choosing the right power source is crucial for the proper operation of the equipment. In the case of batteries, it is worth noting their capacity, voltage and type. In the case of power supplies, parameters such as output voltage, power and connector type are important. Power cables, on the other hand, are selected in terms of length, cross-section and type of connectors.

Advantages of using products from the power supply category

Use of appropriate products from the category Power supply guarantees the reliability of the equipment's operation, its long life and safety of use. As a result, we can enjoy stable operation of our projects without worrying about sudden power outages.

Technical construction of products from the power supply category

Category products Power supply are made up of many complex components that work together to ensure uninterrupted energy supply. In the case of batteries, a key role is played by the electrodes and the electrolyte, which allow current to flow. Power supplies, on the other hand, consist of a transformer, a bridge rectifier and a voltage stabilization circuit. Power cables, on the other hand, are copper wires that are insulated with suitable material to ensure safety and efficiency of energy transmission.