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Velcro - bands

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Ties and Fasteners at ABC-RC

In the ABC-RC store we offer ties and Velcro fasteners for securing and organizing cables. Made of durable materials, provide secure and adjustable attachment. Velcro and ties are used in the organization of bicycle accessories, sports equipment, as well as models and drones. Various types are available, including double-sided velcro fastening and clip-on headband. Ideal for hobbyists and professionals.

Ties and Fastening Velcro - essential accessories at ABC-RC

In the ABC-RC online store we offer a wide range of ties and Velcro fasteners, which are an indispensable part of any home, office or workshop. These are extremely practical accessories that help to keep things in order, keep items from moving around, and are also used to secure all sorts of items.

Variety of ties and Velcro fasteners

We offer various types of cable ties and Velcro fasteners, such as cable ties, double-sided velcro, clip-on ties whether adhesive Velcro. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so they can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

The use of ties and Velcro fasteners

Ties and Velcro fasteners are widely used in many fields. They can be used for organizing cables, attaching bicycle accessories, sports equipment, as well as in modeling and drones. They are indispensable in any place where a secure and adjustable attachment is needed.

How to choose tie downs and Velcro fasteners?

The choice of the right ties and fastening Velcro depends on many factors. The application is important in the first place - for attaching heavy objects, clip ties will work best, while for organizing cables, double-sided Velcro will be ideal. The material from which they are made is also important - it should be durable and resistant to damage. Our store offers tie downs and Velcro fasteners made of various materials, such as polyester, nylon or rubber.

Advantages of using ties and Velcro fasteners

There are many advantages to using tie downs and Velcro fasteners. Above all, they help keep things organized and keep items from moving around. They make it easy to organize cables, wires or accessories. They are also extremely durable and resistant to damage, which guarantees long-lasting use.

Technical construction of tie downs and Velcro fasteners

Ties and Velcro fasteners consist of two components - a strap and a clip. The strap is made of elastic material that allows you to adjust its length. The clip is used to attach the band or Velcro. Depending on the model, the clip can be made of metal or plastic. With double-sided Velcro, one side of the strip is covered with hooks and the other with loops, allowing multiple attachment and detachment.

In the ABC-RC online store we offer ties and Velcro fasteners of the highest quality, which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!