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Limit switches

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Limit switches and sensors in the ABC-RC store

Limit switches are essential components of electrical circuits, enabling switches to be made. They are used in various fields, including industrial automation. In our offer you will find door switches, endstops for 3D printers or micro limit switches. In addition, we also offer voltage and power regulators for various applications.

Limit switches in the ABC-RC store

Limit switches, also called endstops whether limit switches, are an indispensable part of any advanced electrical circuit. These are devices that enable switching, which are used in many fields of technology, including primarily in industrial automation.

Application of limit switches

Limit switches are essential for controlling the movement of machinery and equipment. They are used to detect the limits of movement of mechanical components, allowing their precise positioning. Thanks to them, it is possible to protect machines from exceeding the permissible range of motion, which in turn protects them from damage. They are also used to signal that machine components have reached a certain position.

Division of limit switches

Limit switches are divided into several types. Our offer includes door switches, which are used in alarm systems, endstops for 3D printers used for precise positioning of the print head, and micro limit switches, which are characterized by very small dimensions and are used where space is limited.

Choosing the right limit switch

Choosing the right limit switch depends on many factors. It is necessary to take into account, first of all, the type and characteristics of the load, as well as the operating conditions of the switch. Parameters such as rated voltage, rated current, operating temperature, and degree of protection against external agents are also important.

Advantages of using limit switches

There are many benefits to using limit switches. They ensure high-precision operation, reliability, as well as safety in the use of machines. Thanks to them, it is possible to control processes automatically, which in turn translates into higher work efficiency.

Technical construction of limit switches

The basic components of any limit switch are the body, the control lever and the electrical contacts. The control lever, pressed by machine components, causes the contacts to close or open, which in turn leads to the flow or loss of current in the circuit.

In addition, in our offer you will also find voltage and power regulators for a variety of applications that are an ideal complement to limit switches.