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ESC - Engine Controllers

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ESC offerings - Motor controllers at ABC-RC

ABC-RC store offers a wide selection of eSC model engine controllers. The range includes equipment for various types of RC models, brush and brushless motor controllers, waterproof ECS for boats and airplanes, universal RC controllers and bidirectional controllers. We have specialized in the sale of ESC hardware, offering ECS Computers brand products that guarantee efficient engine operation in RC models.

Everything you need to know about ESCs - Engine Regulators

ABC-RC online store specializes in offering a wide range of eSC model engine controllers. ESCs, also known as Electronic Speed Controllers, are essential for any RC modeling enthusiast. They allow precise control of engine speed, which in turn results in better control of the model.

Application of ESCs - Engine Regulators

ESC controllers are used in all kinds of RC models - from airplanes to boats to cars. Depending on the type of model and its specifics, we can choose between different types of ESCs. Brush and brushless motor controllers, waterproof ECS for boats and airplanes, universal RC controllers and bi-directional controllers are available.

Division of ESC controllers

Brush motor controllers - are the simplest and cheapest regulators available on the market. Thanks to the simplicity of their design, they are also the most reliable.

Brushless motor controllers - have higher efficiency and better control over engine speed. Ideal for advanced RC models.

Waterproof ECS - are essential for floating models, such as RC boats. Thanks to their special design, they are water-resistant.

Universal RC controllers - are compatible with different types of motors, making them ideal for people who are experimenting with different RC models.

Two-way controllers - allow you to change the direction of rotation of the engine, which is essential for some RC models, such as boats and cars, for example.

How to select ESC regulators?

Choosing the right ESC controller depends on several factors. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the type of motor with which the controller is to work. It is also important that the regulator is properly sized in terms of power - it should be able to handle the maximum power of the motor. Other important factors include: supply voltage, maximum continuous current and maximum peak current.

Advantages of using ESC controllers

There are many benefits to using ESC regulators. First of all, they make it possible to precisely control the speed of the engine. This allows better control of the model and increases its maneuverability. ESC controllers also optimize power consumption, resulting in longer model run time on a single battery charge.

Technical design of ESC controllers

The ESC controller consists of several main components. These include a microcontroller that controls the operation of the controller, power transistors that regulate the current flowing to the motor, and a power supply circuit that provides power to the microcontroller. All these components are enclosed in a compact housing that protects the controller from mechanical damage and external influences.

We offer ESC controllers of the renowned brand ECS Computers, which guarantee efficient engine operation in RC models. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!