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Microprocessor-based chargers

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Microprocessor-based chargers at ABC-RC

Our online store ABC-RC offers a range of microprocessor-based chargers for batteries of various types, including LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, LiHv. You'll find models with different wattages and sizes, controlled by touch or with a knob. In our assortment we have products from many reputable manufacturers.

Microprocessor-based chargers at ABC-RC

ABC-RC, a leader in the RC modeling industry, proudly presents its extensive range of microprocessor-based chargers. These are indispensable devices that allow efficient and safe charging of batteries of various types, such as LiPo, LiFe, Li-Ion, LiHv.

Division of microprocessor chargers

Our product range includes microprocessor-based chargers of various powers and sizes, which allows you to choose the perfect model for your individual needs. Touch and knob controlled models are available.

  • Touchscreen microprocessor chargers - are characterized by simple operation and intuitive interface. Allow quick and precise setting of charging parameters.
  • Microprocessor chargers with a dial - give the possibility of precise setting of charging parameters. Ideal for those who appreciate traditional solutions.

Advantages of microprocessor-based chargers

Microprocessor-based chargers are technologically advanced devices that guarantee the highest quality of battery charging. Their main advantages are:

  • Security - the microprocessor controls the charging process, preventing overcharging of the battery.
  • Versatility - ability to charge batteries of various types.
  • Effectiveness - fast and full charging of the battery.

Construction of microprocessor-based chargers

Microprocessor-based chargers consist of several key elements:

  • Microprocessor - the brain of the charger, which controls the entire charging process.
  • Control panel - allows you to set charging parameters.
  • Connectors - are used to connect the battery to the charger.

All these elements make up high-quality microprocessor-based chargers, which we offer in our online store ABC-RC. We invite you to take a look at the full offer and choose a model that will meet all your expectations.