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Gaskets for the home

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Household gaskets at ABC-RC

ABC-RC has on offer seals for the home of high durability. The range includes gaskets for windows, doors or pipes. Their use contributes to increased comfort and energy savings. Household gaskets available at ABC-RC is a guarantee of effectiveness.

Household gaskets at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is an online store offering a wide selection of seals for the home of the highest quality. Our seals are an indispensable part of any home, guaranteeing not only comfort, but also energy savings. Choosing household gaskets of our offer, you gain the assurance that the product will serve for many years.

Variety of assortment

In our store you will find gaskets for windows,door seals and seals for pipes. Each of them has its own specific application, and their variety will allow you to choose a product perfectly suited to your needs. So you can enjoy increased comfort and energy savings.

How to select seals?

Selecting the right household gaskets is crucial to their effectiveness. When choosing, pay attention to the material they are made of, their size and type. Our range includes gaskets made of rubber, silicone and plastic, available in different sizes and shapes, so everyone can find a product that fits their needs.

Advantages of using household gaskets

Use of household gaskets brings many benefits. First, they increase living comfort by eliminating drafts and outside noises. Second, they help save energy by reducing heat loss. Third, home seals prevent moisture and pollen from entering the house, which is especially important for allergy sufferers.

Technical construction of seals

Household seals are technically complex products. They are usually made of flexible materials, such as rubber or silicone, which provide a perfect fit to the surface. Most models have special grooves that increase their effectiveness. Gaskets for windows and doors are often additionally equipped with self-adhesive layers for easy installation.


Choosing household gaskets at ABC-RC, you get a guarantee of the highest quality. Our seals are long-lasting products that increase comfort and help save energy. Thanks to the diversity of the assortment, everyone will find a product perfectly suited to their needs with us.