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Dispensing bottles

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Dispensing bottles for various applications

Store offers dosing bottles for electronics and chemical industry. We offer eSD bottles for safe storage of liquids in environments prone to electrostatic discharge.

Also available bottles with applicator for precise dosing and spray bottles for spraying substances. Choose a bottle that meets your expectations.

Dispensing bottles for various applications

Store offers a wide selection of dispensing bottles, also known as liquid dispensers, which are used in a variety of industries, including industrial, chemical and electronics.

Division of dispensing bottles

The most popular types of dispensing bottles include eSD bottles, which are ideal for storing liquids in environments prone to electrostatic discharge. In contrast applicator bottles are excellent for precise dispensing, while spray bottles are used to spray substances.

Application of dispensing bottles

Dispensing bottles are essential tools in many fields. In the chemical industry, they are used to store and dispense various substances, while in electronics they are used to apply liquids such as adhesives or conductive pastes.

How to choose dispensing bottles?

The choice of the right dispensing bottle depends on several factors, such as the type of fluid, the working environment and the required degree of dispensing precision. It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the bottle is made - it should be resistant to the stored substance.

Advantages of using dispensing bottles

Dispensing bottles offer many benefits, such as precise dispensing, safe storage and ease of use. They allow efficient and hygienic storage of various liquids, which is particularly important in the chemical and electronics industries.

Technical construction of dispensing bottles

Dispensing bottles consist of several components, such as the body, dispenser and lid. The body is usually made of chemical-resistant plastic, while the dispenser can range from a simple tap to an advanced dispensing mechanism.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer dispensing bottles and choose the model that best meets your expectations.