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Current Shunts for Ammeters

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Current Shunts for Ammeters at ABC-RC.en

ABC-RC include current shunts for ammeters, enabling measurement of high values of direct current. These are essential accessories for professionals and hobbyists. Our shunts are diversified to suit a variety of electrical devices. Products are suitable for variable temperature conditions, dedicated to indoor and outdoor installation. Security i enhanced capabilities these are their main features. We invite you to take a look at the offer!

Current Shunts for Ammeters at ABC-RC.en

ABC-RC online is the place where you will find a wide selection of current shunts to ampere meters. These are indispensable components of any measurement system that enable precise measurements of high DC values. Our offer is aimed at both professionals and hobbyists.

Application of Current Shunts

Current shunts, otherwise known as measuring resistors, are used in a wide range of electrical equipment. They are used in industry, laboratories, as well as in home workshops. Enable measurement of high current values that cannot be directly measured by ammeters.

Division of Current Shunts

Current shunts can be divided according to the material they are made of, the resistance value, and the method of installation. We offer shunts made of manganese, constantan and brass. Each of these materials has different properties, allowing you to choose the right shunt for your specific application.

Current Shunt Selection

Choosing the right current shunt is crucial to the accuracy of measurements. It is worth noting its resistance value, maximum current, as well as operating temperature. AT we offer shunts adapted to work in variable temperature conditions, both for indoor and outdoor installation.

Advantages of Current Shunts

Current shunts are characterized by high precision measurements,durability i security. They are simple to install and operate, and are resistant to the effects of changing weather conditions. By using a current shunt, we can increase the measuring range of the ammeter, which opens up new possibilities.

Construction of the Current Siding

A current shunt is a low-resistance resistor through which the measured current flows. It is made of material with stable resistance depending on temperature. Thus, the measurement is accurate and independent of weather conditions.

We invite you to get acquainted with our offer current shunts for ammeters. We guarantee a wide selection, high quality and attractive prices.