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Flower pots and accessories

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Self-fertilizing pots and holders at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers self watering flowerpots i plant holders. Flowerpots made of durable plastic, available in various colors and sizes. Facilitate plant care with irrigation system.

You will also find plant protection helping to protect plants from damage.

Flower pots and accessories at ABC-RC

Our offer includes the highest quality flowerpots and accessories, that will help you keep your plants in excellent condition. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of both amateur and professional plant growers.

Self-irrigation pots

Self-irrigation pots is one of our most popular solutions. They are made of sturdy plastic and come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any interior. The biggest advantage of these pots is the built-in irrigation system, which makes it easier to care for the plants and maintain optimal moisture levels. This is ideal for people who do not have time to water their plants every day.

Plant holders

Our plant holders are not only practical, but also aesthetic. They are ideal for hanging plants in pots, which saves space on the floor or windowsill. We offer holders of different shapes and sizes, which can be easily adjusted to fit any flowerpot.

Security features for plants

Security features for plants are essential accessories for any breeder. We offer various types of covers and nets to protect plants from pests, wind or strong sunlight. We also offer special covers for plants to help them survive winter frosts.

How to choose pots and accessories?

The choice of suitable pots and accessories depends primarily on the type of plant, its size and needs. Self-watering pots are ideal for plants that require constant moisture. Plant holders are a great solution for climbing plants, and plant restraints are essential for plants grown outdoors.

Advantages of using our pots and accessories

Using our pots and accessories has many advantages. First of all, they make it easier to care for plants and help keep them in good condition. Thanks to them, plants grow healthy and beautiful, which affects the aesthetics of the entire interior. In addition, our pots and accessories are easy to use and handle, making them an ideal choice for any plant grower.

At ABC-RC we focus on quality and functionality. Our flowerpots and accessories is a guarantee of satisfaction and beautiful, healthy plants. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!