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AC 230V sockets

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AC 230V sockets at ABC-RC

In our online store ABC-RC you will find a wide selection of aC 230V sockets. We offer various models that are perfect for a variety of applications. Our 230V AC outlets are rugged and reliable. We ensure that each of them meets the highest safety standards. Take advantage of our offer and choose the right 230V AC outlet for you.

AC 230V sockets at ABC-RC - your choice for reliability and safety

In the ABC-RC online store we offer a wide selection of aC 230V sockets, which are reliable, durable and meet the highest safety standards. Our AC 230V outlets are ideal for a variety of applications, providing an efficient and reliable power connection.

Application of AC 230V sockets

AC 230V sockets are an essential part of any home, office or industrial plant. Enable safe connection of electrical devices to the mains supply. With our 230V AC outlets, you can safely use appliances such as televisions, computers, refrigerators, washing machines and more.

Division of AC 230V Sockets

Our AC 230V outlets are available in a variety of models, which can be divided into several categories, such as single, double and triple socket outlets, grounded sockets, hermetic sockets, sockets with surge protection or remote-controlled sockets. Each of these types of AC 230V outlets has its own specific applications and features.

Selection of AC 230V Sockets

When choosing an AC 230V outlet, pay attention to several important aspects. First, the application is important - whether you need an outlet for home use or for industrial applications. Secondly, it is important how many devices you plan to connect - whether you need a single, two or three-slot outlet. Third, it is worth noting additional features such as surge protection and remote control capability.

Advantages of Using AC 230V Sockets

AC 230V outlets offer many advantages. They are reliable, durable and safe, which is crucial for any electrical device. In addition, our AC 230V outlets are easy to install and use, and their modern design fits into any interior.

Technical Construction of AC 230V Sockets

AC 230V sockets consist of several components, such as the body, contacts, fasteners, and often additional components, such as safety features. All these components are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Choosing aC 230V sockets in our ABC-RC online store, you choose quality, reliability and safety. Take advantage of our offer and find the perfect 230V AC outlet for you!