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Cutting mats - Self-healing - Cutting pads

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Cutting mats: essential workshop equipment

In our assortment you will find cutting mats, which are a key component of any modeling workshop. These self-repair service mats provide protection for the work surface from scratches, damage or dirt.

They are ideal for modeling, electronics or craft work enthusiasts. Self-healing cutting mats do not deform under the influence of cuts, so they retain their original appearance for a long time. In addition, they protect the knife from dulling, which guarantees safety while working.

The mats are available in a variety of sizes, including standard A4 and A3 sizes. Choose the perfect one for you self-repairing service mat at the ABC-RC store.

Cutting mats: An essential part of every workshop

In the online store ABC-RC, we offer a wide selection of cutting mats, which are a key piece of equipment for any workshop. Our mats, also known as cutting pads whether cutting boards, are indispensable for lovers of modeling, electronics or craft work.

Division of cutting mats

Cutting mats are divided into different types, depending on their size and applications. We offer mats in standard A4 and A3 sizes, but larger sizes are also available. We distinguish professional cutting mats, which are thicker and more resistant to damage, and hobby cutting mats, which are lighter and more portable.

Application of cutting mats

Cutting mats are indispensable for various types of work, such as cutting paper, cardboard, fabric or film. Thanks to them, the knife does not dull so quickly, and the work surface is protected from scratches, damage or dirt.

How to choose a cutting mat?

Choosing the right cutting mat depends on several factors. First of all, consider the type of work you plan to do. For jobs that require precision, the best will be cutting mats with a ruler. If you care about mobility, it is worth choosing folding cutting mat. The hardness of the mat is also important - the harder it is, the better it protects the work surface.

Advantages of using cutting mats

Using cutting mats has many advantages. First of all, they protect the worktop from damage, which prolongs its life. In addition, the mats provide stability during cutting, which increases the precision of work. Thanks to them, the knife does not dull as quickly, which translates into savings.

Technical construction of cutting mats

Cutting mats are made up of several layers. Most often, these are layers of plastic that are resistant to cutting. Some mats also have a self-repairing layer that "heals" after cutting, so the mats retain their original appearance longer.

Choose the perfect one for you cutting mat at the ABC-RC store. We provide high quality products and professional advice.