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Dispensing needles

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Dispensing needles - a precision tool for professionals

Check out our range of dispensing needles, which are indispensable in industrial and electronic applications.

They are characterized by high precision and durability, which makes them a suitable choice for specialists.

We provide quality and efficiency, which are key in any project.

Dispensing needles: a precision tool for professionals

In our offer you will find a wide selection of dispensing needles, which are indispensable in many industrial and electronic applications. Also known as dispensing needles or precision dispensing needles, these are specialized tools that are characterized by high precision and durability.

Application of dispensing needles

Dispensing needles are essential in many industries. They are used for precise dispensing of liquids, adhesives, paints, lubricants and many other substances. They make it possible to precisely apply materials to surfaces, which is essential in many manufacturing processes.

Division of dispensing needles

We divide dispensing needles into several types, depending on their design and application. Among others, we distinguish disposable dispensing needles,reusable dispensing needles and specialty dispensing needles. Each of these types has its own unique characteristics and applications that make them suitable for different tasks.

How to select dispensing needles?

Choosing the right dispensing needle depends on many factors. Of primary importance is the application, the type of substance to be dosed, as well as the required precision of dosing. It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the needle is made - this can affect its durability and resistance to various substances.

Advantages of using dispensing needles

There are many benefits to using dispensing needles. Above all, they provide high precision dosing, which is essential in many industrial processes. They also make it possible to save materials, as they minimize the risk of wasting them. What's more, dispensing needles are highly durable and resistant to damage, making them an economical choice.

Technical construction of dispensing needles

Dispensing needles consist of several basic components, such as the body, plunger and tip. The body is the main part of the needle, which contains the substance for dispensing. The plunger is used to push it out, and the tip is used to precisely apply the substance to the surface. Depending on the model, dispensing needles can have different tip shapes and sizes to suit specific tasks.