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Raster plugs 2.54mm

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Raster 2.54mm plugs at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers a wide range of raster plugs 2.54mm. These components are key to creating reliable electronic connections. They are perfect for a variety of applications due to their versatility and ease of installation.

The assortment of the store includes raster plugs with different pin configurations. They make it possible to create effective and durable connections, tailored to individual needs.

Raster 2.54mm plugs at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is an online store that specializes in selling a variety of electronic components, including raster plugs 2.54mm. Our wide range includes various pin configurations, which are key to creating reliable and durable electronic connections.

Application of raster plugs 2.54mm

2.54mm raster plugs are indispensable in many areas of electronics. They are used primarily in industry, where precision and reliability of connections are required. They are perfect for the production of electronic devices, alarm systems, industrial automation, as well as in model making.

Division of raster plugs

Our offer includes single row plugs i two-row, which differ in the number of pins. As a result, each customer is able to select a connector perfectly suited to their needs.

Selection of raster plugs

When choosing raster plugs, there are several key aspects to consider. First, it is important that the plug is compatible with the socket to which it is to be connected. Second, the number of pins should be adapted to the number of wires to be connected.

Advantages of using raster plugs

Raster plugs 2.54mm are characterized by high quality workmanship, which guarantees reliability and long life. They are also very easy to install, which makes the work much easier. In addition, raster plugs are very versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

Technical construction of raster plugs

The raster plugs consist of a housing in which the pins are placed. These pins are made of highly conductive metal, which provides an excellent electrical connection. The plug housing is made of plastic, which is resistant to high temperatures and various external factors.

At ABC-RC you will find a wide selection of raster plugs 2.54mm attractively priced. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to purchase!