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Metal detectors

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Metal detectors - practical gadgets for anglers

Fishing with modern accessories such as metal detectors, becomes even more effective. These gadgets, easy to use and optimized to the specifics of fishing, make the time spent on the fishing ground more enjoyable and improve fishing efficiency.

Intuitive fishing accessories

In our offer you will find accessories for anglers that are waterproof and suitable for long-term use. Their batteries are durable, which means they don't discharge too quickly.

High quality and durability

Buying metal detectors from this category, you gain confidence in their durability and resistance. Check out our offer!

Metal detectors - an essential tool for every angler

Metal detectors, also known as metal detectors or metal scanners, are invaluable tools for anglers. Thanks to them, fishing becomes not only effective, but also enjoyable. With their help, you can easily and quickly find sunken items such as hooks, lures and even small pieces of fishing equipment.

The use of metal detectors in fishing

Metal detectors are used to locate metals at the bottom of a body of water. In fishing, they are mainly used to find lost lures, hooks or other metal pieces of equipment. Thanks to them, we can avoid unnecessary losses and increase the efficiency of our catches.

Division of metal detectors

There are different types available on the market metal detectors. We can distinguish three main types: vLF metal detectors (Very Low Frequency), pI metal detectors (Pulse Induction) and bFO metal detectors (Beat Frequency Oscillator). Each of them is characterized by different properties and applications, so you should think carefully about choosing the right model.

How to choose metal detectors?

Choosing metal detector, it is worth paying attention to several factors. First of all, we should decide what kind of metals we are looking for. Some models are more sensitive to certain metals, others less so. Another important aspect is the depth of detection - different models have different ranges. It is also worth noting whether the detector is waterproof, how long it runs on a single battery charge, as well as its weight and convenience of use.

Advantages of using metal detectors

Use of metal detectors in fishing has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to recover lost equipment. With these, we can also avoid unnecessary water pollution. In addition, metal detectors can be helpful in locating areas where fish are most likely to live - for example, near wrecks or other metal objects.

Technical construction of metal detectors

Metal detectors consist of several basic elements. The main one is the coil, which generates a magnetic field. When a metal comes within range of this field, it triggers a change in the coil, which is detected by the device's electronics. Then, the signal is processed and displayed on the device's screen or beeped. Most models also have adjustable sensitivity, so we can adjust the device to our needs.

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