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Libella - Levels with eyelets

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Levellas with Mesh at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers Levels with eyelet for precise measurements. Libelle Levels stand out for their accuracy, crucial for reliable results.

Measuring eyes are available in various specifications, adapting to individual requirements. Each spirit level has an eyelet (vial) for measurements on multiple planes.

Supplementary features like magnetic base and double-sided adhesive tape increase the versatility of our products.

ABC-RC - Your store for Levels of Libella with Eyelet

In the ABC-RC online store we have for you Levels Libella with Eyelet. It is an ideal tool for those who value precise measurements and accuracy. Levels with eyelets, also called Horizontal vials, are indispensable in many fields - from construction, to DIY, to precision finishing work.

What are Eye Levels?

Levels with an eyelet, also known as vial levelers or horizontal vials, are measuring tools used to check plumb and level. The key element of any spirit level is eyelet (vial), that is, a small, closed tube filled with liquid, in which a bubble of air floats. It allows us to make precise measurements on many levels.

Division of Mesh Levels

In our offer you will find spirit levels with an eyelet in various specifications to suit individual needs. We offer both standard length levelers and mini ones, which are ideal for working in hard-to-reach places. All our spirit levels are equipped with magnetic base, which makes it easier to work on metal surfaces.

Choosing a Mesh Level

Choosing spirit level with eyelet, it is worth noting a few key aspects. First of all, consider your individual needs and the use of a spirit level. If you need a tool for precise measurements on small surfaces, choose a mini level. If, on the other hand, you are doing work on large areas, opt for a standard spirit level.

Advantages of Eye Levels

Levels with eyelets are tools that are distinguished by a number of advantages. First of all, they are extremely precise, which is crucial for reliable results. In addition, thanks to the magnetic base i double-sided adhesive tape, our spirit levels are extremely versatile and convenient to use.

Construction of Mesh Levels

The basic element of any spirit level with an eyelet is the body, usually made of hard plastic or metal. Inside the body there is eyelet (vial) - closed tube filled with liquid in which an air bubble floats. There are lines on both sides of the eyelet to help you read the measurement result accurately.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer. We guarantee that our Libella Levels with Eyelet will meet your expectations in terms of quality and precision of measurements.