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Mini drills and grinders

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Mini drills and grinders - precision tools for the workshop

Take a look at our range of mini drills and grinders. These are compact, functional tools, indispensable in any workshop. Perfect for precision work such as assembly or maintenance. Available with a variety of tips to suit individual user needs.

Mini drills and grinders - essential tools for precision work

ABC-RC is where you will find a wide selection of mini drills and grinders. These compact and functional tools are indispensable in any workshop, regardless of specialization. They are ideal for precision work such as assembly, maintenance or detail work. In our offer you will find devices with different tips, tailored to the individual needs of each user.

Application of mini drills and grinders

Mini drills and grinders, also known as multitools, are widely used in various fields. They are indispensable in model making, jewelry making, carpentry, as well as in mechanical and electrical engineering workshops. They make precise drilling, grinding, polishing, milling or cutting possible. All this in one compact device.

Division of mini drills and grinders

We offer mini electric drills and cordless grinders. Electric ones are ideal for long-term jobs where reliability and power are key. Cordless drills, on the other hand, offer greater freedom of movement, are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for areas with limited access to power.

How to choose a mini drill and grinder?

Choosing the right mini drill or grinder depends primarily on the type of work being performed. For precise and delicate applications, such as jewelry work or modeling, we recommend low-power, high-speed tools. For tasks that require more power, such as grinding or drilling in hard steel, we recommend higher-powered devices.

Advantages of using mini drills and grinders

Mini drills and grinders are multifunctional tools that will replace many other devices in the workshop. They are lightweight, handy and easy to handle, and with interchangeable tips, they allow you to perform a wide range of jobs. Their compact size allows them to work in hard-to-reach places, and their high precision makes them ideal for tasks requiring detail.

Technical construction of mini drills and grinders

Mini drills and grinders consist of body, motor, gearbox and working tip. The motor is powered by electricity or a battery, and its power is transmitted to the working end through a gearbox. The tips are interchangeable and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to tailor the tool to your specific task.