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Signal Generators

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Signal Generators at ABC-RC

ABC-RC offers a wide range of function generators. These devices, due to their simplicity of operation, are appreciated by both amateurs and experienced electronics engineers. The store's assortment includes models with different frequency ranges and self-assembly kits. All signal generators stand out for their precision and efficiency, even under heavy use.

Signal Generators - the technology that is shaping the future

Online store ABC-RC offers a wide range of signal generators, equipment necessary in many fields of science and technology. Our function generators are used by both amateur and professional electronics engineers. We offer models with different frequency ranges, as well as kits for self-assembly. Each of our signal generators is characterized by precision and performance, even under heavy use.

Application of signal generators

Signal generators, also known as function generators or frequency generators, are indispensable in many fields of technology. Are used to test, calibrate and repair electronic devices. With them, it is possible to simulate various operating conditions for the equipment under test, making it possible to detect potential problems and failures.

Division of signal generators

We offer different types of signal generators. These include analog generators,digital generators and arbitrary generators. Each has its own unique properties and uses. Analog generators are ideal for testing analog devices, while digital generators are essential for testing digital devices. Arbitrary generators, on the other hand, allow the generation of any form of signals, making them extremely versatile.

How to choose signal generators?

Choosing the right signal generator depends on many factors. First of all, pay attention to the frequency range, which should be adapted to the devices under test. It is also important that the generator has the ability to generate different types of signals, such as sinusoidal, rectangular or triangular. The precision and stability of the generator is also extremely important.

Advantages of using signal generators

Using signal generators brings many benefits. First of all, they allow testing and calibration of electronic devices under controlled conditions. This allows potential problems to be detected and repaired before the device is put into service. In addition, the signal generators enable simulation of various operating conditions, allowing comprehensive testing of equipment performance and reliability.

Technical construction of signal generators

Signal generators consist of several basic elements. These include an oscillator that generates the signal, a modulator that changes its parameters, and an amplifier that increases the power of the signal. Depending on the model, the generators may also have other features, such as the ability to generate different types of signals or control the frequency via a computer.