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Thermal Insulation

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Thermal Insulation at ABC-RC store

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of thermal insulation in the online store ABC-RC. Our product range includes products with a high standard of insulation, which are effective in protecting against heat loss. We have a wide selection of materials that are easy to install and durable. We provide thermal insulation for a variety of applications - from single-family homes to multi-story buildings.

Professional Thermal Insulation at ABC-RC store

In the ABC-RC online store we offer professional thermal insulation for different types of buildings. Our product range includes high standard insulation materials, which are effective in protecting against heat loss. Our offer includes both wall insulations,roof insulations, as well as floor insulations, which are easy to install and have a long life span.

Division of Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is divided into several basic types, depending on the place of application. Wall insulations are materials used to insulate exterior and interior walls. Roof insulations used to insulate sloping and flat roofs. Floor insulations used to insulate floors on the ground, basements and ceilings.

Choosing the right thermal insulation

Choosing the right thermal insulation depends on a number of factors, such as the type of building, where the insulation is used, weather conditions, and energy-saving requirements. At the ABC-RC store we offer professional consulting in the selection of appropriate insulation materials.

Advantages of using thermal insulation

The use of thermal insulation has many advantages. First of all, with thermal insulation, you can significantly reduce heat loss in the building, which translates into savings in heating costs. In addition, thermal insulation improves comfort use of the building, reduces the risk of thermal bridges and helps to maintain a constant temperature in the premises.

Technical construction of thermal insulation

Thermal insulation consists of various materials designed to prevent the flow of heat. Depending on the type of insulation, these can include, for example, mineral wool, extruded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, or insulation films. Each of these materials is characterized by different insulating properties, allowing you to choose insulation perfectly suited to your specific needs.

We invite you to check out the full range of thermal insulation in the ABC-RC online store. Our product range is a guarantee of professionalism,durability i efficiency.