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Pressure switches

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Assortment of pressure switches at ABC-RC

A variety of models are available in the ABC-RC store pressure switches. These products provide precise control and regulation of pressure according to specific needs and operating conditions. We invite you to take a look at the offer.

Assortment of pressure switches at ABC-RC

The ABC-RC online store offers a wide selection of pressure switches (otherwise known as pressure switches or pressure regulators), which are an essential component of many hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment. Our products are used for precise pressure control and regulation, and their advanced technologies ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Application of pressure switches

Pressure switches are used in many industries, including industry, automotive, construction, and HVAC systems. Their main task is to monitor and regulate pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Thanks to them, it is possible to maintain pressure at a constant, preset level, which translates into improved safety and efficiency of operation of the entire system.

Division of pressure switches

We offer different types of pressure switches, of which:

  • Mechanical pressure switches - the simplest type of switch, which works by converting pressure into mechanical force.
  • Electronic pressure switches - use pressure sensors to generate an electrical signal, which is then converted into the appropriate action.
  • Differential pressure switches - used to monitor differential pressure in hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

How to select pressure switches?

When selecting pressure switch it is worth paying attention to several key parameters, such as pressure control range, maximum operating pressure, type of medium (e.g., oil, air, water), operating temperature, as well as required certificates and safety standards.

Advantages of using pressure switches

Pressure switches have many advantages, among which are worth mentioning:

  • Precise pressure control - using advanced technology, our pressure switches provide precise pressure control for specific needs and operating conditions.
  • Safety - pressure switches prevent excessive pressure build-up, which can lead to damage to equipment or even failure of the entire system.
  • Ease of installation and operation - our products are easy to install and operate, and their compact size allows them to be used in a variety of conditions.

Technical construction of pressure switches

Each pressure switch consists of several basic components, such as a pressure sensor, a switching mechanism (mechanical or electronic), and a housing. Depending on the model, they may also include additional components such as a display, regulator, connectors, etc.

Take a look at our range of pressure switches. Our team of specialists is at your disposal to help you choose the right product.