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Offer RFID card readers in the ABC-RC store

ABC-RC offers RFID card readers both 13.56 MHz and 125 MHz frequencies. 13.56 MHz readers provide enhanced security and additional features. 125 MHz proximity technology is a physical RFID chip that responds to an EMI field. We also offer nFC stickers, RFID card reader modules, proximity cards and RFID key fobs.

Everything you need to know about RFID card readers at ABC-RC store

In the online store ABC-RC you will find a wide selection of RFID card readers. This technology, also known as radio frequency identification or radio frequency identification, is a wireless system that allows data to be stored and read by devices called RFID readers.

RFID readers offered by ABC-RC operate at two main frequencies: 13.56 MHz i 125 MHz. The 13.56 MHz readers provide a higher level of security and additional features, while the 125 MHz proximity technology is based on a physical RFID chip that responds to an EMI field.

Application of RFID card readers

RFID readers are used in a variety of sectors, including commerce, logistics, industry and the service sector. They are indispensable in access management, time control, inventory management, and cashless payment systems.

Division of RFID readers

RFID readers are divided into two main types: active i passive. Active RFID readers are powered by their own power source and can read cards from long distances. Passive RFID readers, on the other hand, use energy from the reader to power the chip and transmit data.

How to select RFID readers?

Choosing the right RFID reader depends on a number of factors, including reading distance, RFID card type, operating environment and application requirements. At ABC-RC, we offer professional advice on choosing the right device.

Advantages of using RFID readers

The use of RFID readers has many advantages. They enable fast and accurate data reading, increase the efficiency of operations, improve inventory management and help track products. In addition, RFID technology is highly secure and difficult to counterfeit.

Technical design of RFID readers

RFID reader consists of antenna, read/write module and user interface. The antenna emits radio waves that activate the RFID tag. The read/write module decodes the data received from the RFID tag and transmits it to the computer system.

Our product range also includes nFC stickers, RFID card reader modules, proximity cards and RFID key fobs, which enable easy and convenient use of RFID technology.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and use our services. We are confident that you will find products that will meet your expectations and needs.