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Clippers - Pliers

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You'll find hand tools for every need with us. We offer pliers and pliers from recognized manufacturers. Ideal for home and professional use. We provide high quality products. Take advantage of our offer.

Pliers i pliers are indispensable tools in many workshops and home tool kits. Thanks to their versatility, they are used in a variety of industries, from precision mechanics to jewelry making. Depending on the type and intended use, the pliers can be used for cutting, shaping, holding and even precise manipulation of small parts.

In addition, if your home workshop also needs the following insulation strippers, you will also find them in our offer.

In the ABC-RC online store you will find a wide selection of hand tools, including pliers and pliers from recognized manufacturers. Our offer includes the highest quality products, dedicated to both domestic and professional applications. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Variety of Pincers and Pliers

In the ABC-RC store we offer pliers and pincers various types, such as: cable pliers, side cutters, electronics pliers, universal pliers, end crimping pliers, pipe pliers and many others. Each of the tools available in our store is dedicated to a specific application, allowing for precise and efficient operation.

Division of Pliers and Pincers

Clippers and pliers can be divided according to their use. Side cutters are used for cutting wires and cables, while the universal pliers are essential for grasping and holding items of different shapes. Tip crimping pliers are indispensable when installing cable terminals, and pipe pliers is an essential tool for every plumber.

Selection of Pincers and Pliers

Choosing the right clippers and pliers depends on their application. It is worth noting the material they are made of, as well as their size and shape. Also important is the ergonomics of the handle, which affects the comfort of work.

Types of Clippers and Pliers

In the category of pliers i pliers you'll find a wide range of tools tailored to different tasks:

  • Side cutters - ideal for cutting wires and cables. Their precision blades allow for accurate cutting, and the ergonomic handle makes them comfortable to use.
  • Multi-purpose pliers - A versatile tool that combines cutting, bending and holding functions, ideal for a variety of manual work.
  • Precision pliers - Used in electronics and jewelry, where extreme precision and delicacy are required.

Application in Practice

Pliers i pliers are used in many fields:

  • Electronics - for cutting and shaping wires and holding small parts.
  • Jewelry - Precision tools for working with delicate materials such as gold and silver.
  • Mechanics - Indispensable in assembly and disassembly work where precision and strength are key.
  • Home DIY - indispensable in every home, make everyday repairs and hobby work easier.

Advantages of using Clippers and Pliers

Use of pliers and pincers is all about precision and efficiency. With them, you can quickly and effectively cut a wire or cable, fix a cable lug or tighten a pipe. These are indispensable tools for any workshop, both amateur and professional.

Technical construction of the Cążek and Pincers

Clippers and pliers consist of several basic components: handle, jaws and spring. The handle is used to grip the tool, the jaws are used for gripping and cutting, and a spring allows the jaws to open automatically when pressure is released on the handle. The material from which they are made guarantees their durability and resistance to damage.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer. In the ABC-RC store everyone will find pliers and pincers ideal for yourself.