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Furniture feet

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Furniture feet feet at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is the place where you will find feet for furniture feet in various shapes and sizes. Our product range includes plastic and metal feet. All products are durable and easy to install. Ideal for most furniture models. We invite you to shop.

Furniture feet feet at ABC-RC

ABC-RC is an online store that successfully supplies customers with the highest quality feet for furniture feet. Our offer is extremely diverse - both in terms of shapes and sizes. We offer feet made of various materials, such as plastic and metal. All our products are extremely durable and easy to install, making them an ideal choice for any type of furniture.

Application of feet for furniture feet

Furniture feet feet, also known as furniture foot caps or furniture leg protectors, are an indispensable piece of equipment for every home. Their main task is to protect the floor from scratches and other damage that may occur when moving furniture. In addition, the feet of the furniture feet help to maintain the stability of the furniture, preventing it from sliding on smooth surfaces.

Division of feet for furniture legs

We offer different types of feet for furniture feet, depending on the material of manufacture, shape and size. Plastic feet are lightweight and easy to install, while metal feet have greater strength and longevity. We also offer feet of different shapes, such as round, square or rectangular, which can fit different types of furniture feet.

Selection of feet for furniture legs

Choosing the right feet for furniture feet is key to ensuring optimal floor protection and furniture stability. When choosing feet, pay attention to the size of the furniture feet to ensure a perfect fit. It is also worth taking into account the type of flooring - for wooden floors, plastic feet will be ideal, while for ceramic tile floors, metal feet will be a better choice.

Advantages of using feet for furniture feet

There are many benefits to using feet for furniture feet. First, they protect the floor from scratches and other damage. Secondly, they provide stability to the furniture, preventing it from shifting. Third, the feet of the furniture feet can improve the aesthetics of the furniture, adding an elegant finish to it.

Technical construction of feet for furniture feet

The feet for furniture legs consist of a body, which is mounted directly to the furniture leg, and a lower part, which is in contact with the floor. The bottom part of the feet is usually made of an abrasion-resistant material such as rubber or plastic, while the body can be made of metal or plastic. Some models of feet are equipped with additional elements, such as mounting screws or anti-slip pads.

We invite you to take a look at our offer of feet for furniture feet. We guarantee the highest quality products and professional customer service.